Alpha One Diving Service - Established in 1987

Owned and operated by three generations of the Raschick family, Alpha One Diving Service provides professional, reliable and specialized services for the marine community. Our divers are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, with a strong attention to detail often overlooked by other companies. We use the most advanced tools and techniques in the industry and are approved and permitted by the port district to reduce the amount of copper released, therefore significantly extending the life of your bottom paint. You have many choices when choosing a diving service to protect one of your most valuable assets, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Contact us today for a competitive quote and to learn more about our technology and experience serving San Diego for over 30 years.

Alpha One Facts

  • Founded in 1987 by retired CPO Bill Raschick, an ex Navy Seal and Navy Seal Trainer

  • Co-Owner Tony Raschick is head diver and regularly inspects every vessel for quality

  • The most advanced and environmentally friendly hull cleaning technology in San Diego

  • Capable of extending your bottom paint two or more extra years, saving you thousands of dollars

  • All inboard outboard drives cleaned carefully with a pressure washer ensuring a 100% clean drive system

  • Offers an underwater prop polishing service, saving you gasoline, and improving performance

  • Experts in identifying potential problems before they become expensive issues requiring a haul-out and repairs

  • Approved and permitted by the Port District for reducing copper pollution

  • Serving all of San Diego bay, Mission bay, and moorings

  • Competitive pricing for superior service

Alpha One Diving Services

We service power, sail, inboard / outboard, electric, jet, hydrolift, docks, mooring systems, if it’s wet, we do it! Specialists in racing sailboats and keeping hull coatings with no copper clean. We can provide hand cleaning or cleaning with our gentle rotary brushing system. Using nylon bristles, it is as gentle as a tooth brush, would you use a 3M pad on your teeth? Hull cleaning is our specialty and every vessel is 100% clean after service.

Electrolysis can be a vessel owner’s worst nightmare. We have an eye for detail that will keep your running gear and metal components protected year round. Our divers carry a stock of zincs and understand how to properly extend the life of zincs and identify potential problems. We check the tightness and functionality of sacrificial anodes and ALWAYS clean off contact metal when replacing them. Choosing the wrong diving service can cost you thousands if they do not maintain your vessel properly.

Using a hydraulic underwater rotary polishing tool we can restore your propeller to it’s original specs of smoothness and efficiency. Think like new! This is ideal for customers looking to save gasoline, performance and increase speed. Great to do before a sea trial, haul out inspection, or a voyage.

No need to haul your vessel out to repair, replace, or adjust your propeller. We have the tools to safely remove and install props of all sizes. We also can help with thru hull replacements without the need to haul out.

Have you lost something overboard? We can recover it and in a worst case scenario we can help lift a distressed vessel using air bags.

We have the capability to film or photo your vessel or underwater infrastructure.

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